Workshop on Data Protection Ethical Issues II, Security/Cybersecurity (OEAW) and Data Commercialisation (GUF) . Monday 28 June (9.45 – 14.30 CET)

PANELFIT has identified several data protection ethical issues that have not been adequately addressed by the current regulatory framework at the EU level. We asked experts to rank them according to their relevance and 8 “winner” themes have been selected in order to be discussed within this workshop. This event is open to the public, … Read more

Workshop on Data Protection Ethical Issues I, Informed Consent, Monday 21 June 2021 11.30 – 13.45

This workshop is open to the public, who will be able to follow the presentations by the speakers, as well as to take part in the discussions via chat. Should you wish to join, please contact Mónica Loyo at Programme (PDF) Please find here, the link to the recording of the webinar. (Passcode: TN@6B&sq)

Workshop on Data Protection and Ethics Guidelines for ICT R&D

Madrid 2-4 March. European experts meet to participate in the development of Panelfit guidelines that will provide  recommendations for action on Data Protection and Cybersecurity issues in the use of main technologies. What basic aspects of data protection and cybersecurity need to be considered to writing an email, designing a website or sending a newsletter? … Read more

Workshop on Ethical and Legal Issues of Data Processing and AI in ICT Research, June the 5th 2019, Bilbao

This Workshop, organised within EU H2020 ‘PANELFIT’ project, addresses  the issue of personal data processing in the research field under both  the legal and the ethical perspective. Large amounts of personal data  are processed during research projects and several researches (mostly  ICT researchers) produce algorithms that could be employed in several  fields with significant effects … Read more

Expert Workshop on Ethical and Legal Challenges of New ICT and Security and Cybersecurity, 3rd-4th June 2019, Bilbao

A workshop organised in the framework of PANELFIT Project by the  Austrian Academy of Sciences (OEAW) took place on June 4th. Crucial  issues related data processing security and cybersecurity were  discussed. Topics like the ethical and legal challenges of future ICT;  the gaps and open issues in existing legal frameworks; and the ways to  fill … Read more

Workshop on Data Commercialisation 3rd June 2019, University of the Basque Country, Bilbao

PANELFIT Partners from the Goethe University of Frankfurt organised a  workshop with experts devoted to the issues on commercialisation of  data. In total eight worldwide experts were invited. Four of them were  representatives of the industry. The remaining four participants were  academic experts, they all provided position papers and input  presentation on the topics “Ownership … Read more