General Assembly

The General Assembly is chaired by the Coordinator, comprises the Project Manager and a representative of each partner. It constitutes the top level decision making body and any significant changes in project direction have to be approved by this body, focusing both on high-level issues, such as the strategic orientation of the project, and on operational matters.

Its main tasks are to ensure that:

  • Deliverables are both produced (to the agreed standard) and disseminated on time.
  • Conferences and workshops are held according to the working plan requirements.
  • Milestones are used to investigate and gauge progress.
  • The task, milestone, deliverable requirements, and scheduling are regularly reviewed.
  • Strategic control of the implementation plan is maintained.
  • Project policy is reviewed and enforced, and that all work is done by EU policies.
  • Guidance, support and motivation are provided to members when appropriate.
  • Regular project meetings are held, and the proceedings distributed to all partners.
  • The influence of the project is broadened.
  • The monthly newsletter is written and disseminated.
  • The web site works efficiently.
  • Intellectual Property Rights issues are regularly reviewed.
  • The open access plan is enforced, reviewed, and developed.