The Coordinator

The Coordinator of the project professor Carlos María Romeo Casabona is the most responsible for the performance of the project. His main tasks are:

  • To co-ordinate and manage the project’s resources.
  • To outline the Consortium Agreement and propose the changes that might be needed during the project’s lifetime.
  • To organize the project meetings and reviews and chair the General Assembly
  • To coordinate the work between the different work packages to ensure the consistency of the overall project
  • To manage the production of deliverables and the exchange of information between all the partners of the consortium and external entities.
  • To consolidate and monitor the progress of the project and to ensure that all partners achieve its deliverables and milestones on time and to identify necessary modifications to the work plan if need be.
  • To optimize project cohesion and promote cooperation between partners and build a coordination strategy with projects addressing connected issues and create synergies with all them, avoiding overlaps.
  • To liaise with the Commission and report to the Commission Officers regarding all developments which could significantly affect the result of the Project and to ensure that all the EC’s requirements are met.
  • To provide partners advice on legal and financial matters, manage the accountability of the project, and fulfill the audit requirements. The Coordinator will be responsible for solving any technical financial,administrative or contractual issues or conflicts between partners, when needed.