Online ads know you well

The online advertising system is based on the collection and sharing of user data, in an opaquely competitive market which rests mostly in a few powerful hands, including Google. Privacy and data protection are at issue, and Europe is debating what action should be taken. Federico Caruso – PANELFIT/OBCT-just published an article on targeted advertising in … Read more

How to avoid a second lockdown?

How to avoid a second lockdown? English version of the news published in “El País” ( by PANELFIT Coordinator Iñigo de Miguel Beriain. How to avoid a second lockdown (PDF) Also available in German: Wie ein zweiter Lockdown vermieden werden kann (PDF) Available in Portuguese: Como evitar novos confinamentos?

The 4th NKL Annual Conference. Life, knowledge and democracy during COVID-19. Call for abstract

The 2th NKL PhD training event, and 4th NKL Annual Conference, will take place online December 7 and 8 2020. The call is open for all interested parties. An NKL-member meeting will take place December 9 (the agenda will be available at the NKL homepage in due time). Topic The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our … Read more

PANELFIT Monthly Chat: Artificial Intelligence in the public sector.

On 8 July at 11 am CEST we’ll have the next monthly chat. The guest expert is Adam Patagiotopoulos, data protection advisor and research analyst at Trilateral Research. We’ll talk about AI in the public sector, with a focus on GDPR. As usual, we’ll meet here: Here you can find a tweet about the … Read more

Webinar: Biojuridical and Bioethical Challenges in the Context of COVID-19. June 11th, 8:00 a.m., New York City Time

The first webinar of the International Network of Biolaw, within the  framework Global Seminars, will be held on June 11th, at 8:00 a.m.  (New York City Time). This event will focus on Biolaw, globalization  and pandemic, and more specifically, on the Biojuridical and  Bioethical Challenges in the Context of COVID-19. Coordinator of PANELFIT project Romeo … Read more

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