Future-Proofing Disruptive Technologies: Policy Options for the Ethical Governance of AI and Emerging Technologies

Joint event of the EU Projects SIENNA, SHERPA and PANELFIT in collaboration with STOA. Date: 23.03.2021 Time: 1-6pm CET Venue: European Parliament / online Go here to register: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/stoa/en/events/details/policy-options-for-the-ethical-governanc/20210303WKS03282 Overview of the Event This event takes its point of departure from the current discussion and legislative agenda of AI and asks the question which issues … Read more

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PANELFIT Online Webinar: Data protection in journalism: practical tools

March 2, 2021, 4 pm CET Click here to register: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0sfuiprzIuGtOpU-mfrr8niXCK3maUWaRR The European legal framework on personal data protection is constantly evolving and the issue of citizens’ privacy is increasingly central to the public debate. It is crucial for journalists to move confidently in this area, to ensure that people’s fundamental rights are respected while … Read more

PANELFIT Online Webinar
The European Data Protection Regulation: A look outside the EU

February 25, 2021. 15:00 Click to join https://eu.bbcollab.com/guest/b07608a0a7fd4efba640c0ce83c7dbf5 The event is designed to explain basic issues of personal data protection in the EU. The legal bases, the principles of the processing, the rights of natural persons in relation to their personal data, data protection by design and by default and data transfer to third countries … Read more

Extended public consultation on PANELFIT’s governance report started

In the spirit of PANELFIT’s participatory approach, the so-called extended public consultation of another draft deliverable has started. A preliminary version of the “Report on the Governance of Data Protection-related Ethical and Legal Issues in ICT Research and Innovation (Governance Report)” will be reviewed by external experts who will provide their feedback until the end … Read more

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Online ads know you well

The online advertising system is based on the collection and sharing of user data, in an opaquely competitive market which rests mostly in a few powerful hands, including Google. Privacy and data protection are at issue, and Europe is debating what action should be taken. Federico Caruso – PANELFIT/OBCT-just published an article on targeted advertising in … Read more