PANELFIT Monthly Chat: Artificial Intelligence in the public sector.

On 8 July at 11 am CEST we’ll have the next monthly chat. The guest expert is Adam Patagiotopoulos, data protection advisor and research analyst at Trilateral Research. We’ll talk about AI in the public sector, with a focus on GDPR. As usual, we’ll meet here: Here you can find a tweet about the … Read more

Webinar: Biojuridical and Bioethical Challenges in the Context of COVID-19. June 11th, 8:00 a.m., New York City Time

The first webinar of the International Network of Biolaw, within the  framework Global Seminars, will be held on June 11th, at 8:00 a.m.  (New York City Time). This event will focus on Biolaw, globalization  and pandemic, and more specifically, on the Biojuridical and  Bioethical Challenges in the Context of COVID-19. Coordinator of PANELFIT project Romeo … Read more

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Visions around the Panelfit workshop in Madrid

Aurelie Pols, DPO who has joined Panelfit’s EAB, and Andrea Cornavaca, Researcher for Data & AI Ethics at everis, participated in the Madrid workshop and shared their thoughts on the project. Aurélie Pols, Data Protection Officer, Privacy Engineer, and Data Scientistis specialized in digital “web analytics”, content management systems and ad servers before co-founding a start-up in Belgium. … Read more

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Not just apps: privacy, personal data and COVID-19 in the western Balkans

The measures adopted by some Balkan countries to contain the pandemic  have raised perplexity in associations and researchers who deal with  privacy and digital rights. Emergency actions, derogating from the  national rules of law, could translate into mass surveillance tools. Federico Caruso, member of the PANELFIT team, has made a very  interesting publication, drawing attention to these … Read more

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PANELFIT-NKL Network Webinar: The role of new technologies in the COVID crisis. June 10th 2020, 9.00 am -12.00 am.

PANELFIT and the NKL Network lead by our EAB Anna Lydia Svalastog  co-organize a webinar devoted to analysing the role to be played by  new technologies in the COVID crisis. Webinar will focus on the ethical, legal and social issues at stake. We look forward to receiving proposals for short (10-15 min)  presentations related to … Read more

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PANELFIT Monthly chats. Ep.6: What happens to data protection at the age of coronavirus. 6 May 2020

Contact tracing apps and GDPR. The relevance of such apps in the more  general context of health data as a tool for epidemiological studies  and strategies. Data protection and health privacy in the context of  employment. We addressed these and other issues with Sara Judite  Mendes Roda, senior policy advisor in the digital health life … Read more