PANELFIT Dissemination Event in Vienna, 28 March 2022

The title of this event is “Managing a secure future with AI – Too many guidelines and too little guidance?”. It is planned for as a hybrid event, which can also be attended in person if the pandemic situation permits. The event will begin with a brief introduction of the PANELFIT project and a summary of project outcomes related to the topic. Two keynotes by Christiane Wendehorst (From the GDPR to the AI Act – problems solved?) and Charles Raab (Governing AI: Recent Proposals for Ethics and Practice’?) form the core of the afternoon. The event will conclude with a panel discussion featuring the two keynote speakers, a representative of the FRA (Fundamental Rights Agency, David Reichel), the Federal Ministry of the Interior, a civil society organisation (Lorena Jaume-Palasí (The Ethical Tech Society) and Johann ?as (Austrian Academy of Sciences). 

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