Forthcoming Mutual Learning Encounters (MLE)

18th Oct, 9h-11h, Privacy and Data Protection in AI Development. 18th Oct, 11h30-13h30, Privacy and Data Protection in Location Data. 19th Oct, 9h-11h, Privacy and Data Protection in Social Networks. 19th Oct, 11h30-13h30, Privacy and Data Protection in Biometrics Research and Innovation. 20th Oct, 9h-11h, Privacy and Data Protection in IoT Development. These encounters are … Read more

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PANELFIT releases a new study on ICT data protection ELI

“Data protection in EU: Comparative Study of National Reports” is aimed to produce a panoramic vision of the legal and ethical framework both at the national and EU level, complementing PANELFIT Guidelines. Certainly, the GDPR significantly increases the harmonisation of European data protection regulation. Besides that, with more than 30 areas where the Member States … Read more

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Monthly chat: data protection and unlawful cookie banners

How to prevent companies from misusing cookie banners to collect users’ data? Are there solutions other than cookie banners to safeguard citizens’ online privacy? We’ll address these issues with Stefano Rossetti, a data protection lawyer at noyb. When: 29 June, 11:00 am CEST Where: Save it to your Google Calendar, or to iCal.

Workshop on Data Protection Ethical Issues II, Security/Cybersecurity (OEAW) and Data Commercialisation (GUF) . Monday 28 June (9.45 – 14.30 CET)

PANELFIT has identified several data protection ethical issues that have not been adequately addressed by the current regulatory framework at the EU level. We asked experts to rank them according to their relevance and 8 “winner” themes have been selected in order to be discussed within this workshop. This event is open to the public, … Read more

Workshop on Data Protection Ethical Issues I, Informed Consent, Monday 21 June 2021 11.30 – 13.45

This workshop is open to the public, who will be able to follow the presentations by the speakers, as well as to take part in the discussions via chat. Should you wish to join, please contact Mónica Loyo at Programme (PDF) Please find here, the link to the recording of the webinar. (Passcode: TN@6B&sq)

WEBINAR SERIES: Data protection in Journalism: Practical Tools

The European legal framework on personal strong>data protection is constantly evolving and the issue of citizens’ privacyis increasingly central to the public debate. Journalists must move confidently in this area, to ensure that people’s fundamental rights are respected while fulfilling their reporting role. This series of free webinars targeted to journalists will focus on different … Read more

AI issues for people working in the health and welfare sector sector

Webinar June 8 at 9:00AM with @idemiguelb from @panelfit: Data driven science – reflections on how GDPR and AI-driven data collection changes what we do. Date: June 8 at 9:00AM By: Iñigo De Miguel Beriain Affiliation: Ikerbasque, Basque Foundation for Science. University of The Basque Country UPV/EHU GDPR and its implication for research (PDF) AI … Read more