Monthly chats

Vulnerable Data Subjects and EU law. Who are vulnerable data  subjects, and what are they risking when they take decisions on their  personal data? What harms could they suffer when those data are  processed and actions are taken on their behalf? We addressed these  and other issues with Gianclaudio Malgieri, Attorney at Law and a … Read moreMonthly chats

The PANELFIT “20 Stakeholders’ Workshop”

The first steps towards developing the guidelines have already been taken with a first round of expert workshops.  In the first step, important points and issues to be aware of were identified. After these workshops these were analyzed and incorporated into the first draft of the guidelines. In this second step of the process, the … Read moreThe PANELFIT “20 Stakeholders’ Workshop”

Online course: Ethical and Legal Issues Regarding ICT Data Protection

Open the registration period for the free online course: Ethical and Legal issues regarding ICT Data Protection. This course is offered within the framework of the PANELFIT Project by the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, with the help of the Partners and especially of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA). The specific objective of … Read moreOnline course: Ethical and Legal Issues Regarding ICT Data Protection

13th International Conference CPDP 2020

22-24 January, Brussels. The 13th edition of the CPDP was held in Brussels from 22 to 24  January 2020. In the framework of this prestigious event PANELFIT  organised the Panel “AI and Informed Consent: the challenges ahead”. The panel addressed the tensions between the uses that AI might have  and the rights involved: To what extent … Read more13th International Conference CPDP 2020