The response to the legal, ethical and social questions regarding the big crisis of public health Workshop

2 y 3 December 2021
Donostia- San Sebastián & VIRTUAL (Zoom)
(Languages: Spanish, 2 December 2021; Spanish and French, 3 December 2021)

PANELFIT is co-organising the International Congress of the URJES Project (December 2 and 3, 2021), directed by Prof. Romeo Casabona (PANELFIT’s Coordinator, UPV/EHU) and Prof. Marie Lamarche (University of Bordeaux). This will be held in hybrid format, i.e., in person, at the Carlos Santamaría Center and the Miramar Palace in Donostia-San Sebastián, respectively; and on-line.

On this occasion, the subject matter will deal with public health crises, in general, and COVID-19, in particular, from a comparative law perspective between Spain and France. Specifically, the similarities and differences in the legal and biosanitary aspects with which both countries have faced the pandemic (vaccination, immunological passports, data protection and data processing or triage, among many others) will be analyzed.

Its programme is available here, where you can also find the registration form to attend either in person or on-line, in which case we will send you the link to connect.

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