Workshop on Data Protection and Ethics Guidelines for ICT R&D

Madrid 2-4 March.

European experts meet to participate in the development of Panelfit guidelines that will provide  recommendations for action on Data Protection and Cybersecurity issues in the use of main technologies.

What basic aspects of data protection and cybersecurity need to be considered to writing an email, designing a website or sending a newsletter? And for creating a database, or using blockchain technology in a project? And for developing research processes? These are some of the most basic examples that arise in the development of the Panelfit project guidelines.

One of the main outcomes of Panelfit is the creation of these practical documents that will serve as an introduction and guide on Data Protection and Cybersecurity issues. They will be structured in different sections and will have a summary of National Particularities of the EU area.

To complement the process of developing these guidelines, a workshop took place at the everis headquarters in the Novus building in Madrid, with the participation about twenty international experts to enrich these documents.

During 3 days, dynamic and participatory working sessions were held to address each of the specific sections that had been developed. The workshop also served to channel this enriching feedback in order to structure a set of guidelines that would serve the purpose of being a highlighted document regarding ethical and legal issues in the application of new technologies.

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to get to know the new everis offices, in a tour that surprised visitors.

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