Workshop on Proximity and Location Data 8th July 2021 | 9.30 -12.00 CET

The use of proximity and location data seemed very promising to adequately respond to the challenges posed by a pandemic. However, its actual usefulness has varied widely from country to country. Factors such as whether the use of tracking apps is mandatory or not, or their combination with other tools, for example access control to enclosed spaces, seem important in maximizing their usefulness. China and Qatar have opted for these tactics to curb COVID. Nonetheless, we must keep in mind that technologies cannot make us forget the need to protect citizens’ privacy.

At this workshop we will try to understand the main factors that can serve to use this kind of data successfully and draw promising strategies within the limits of our rights systems.

This event is open to the public (you can retweet it), who will be able to follow the presentations by the speakers, as well as to take part in the discussions. Should you wish to join, please contact Mónica Loyo at

  • 8th July 2021 | 9.30 -12.00 CET
  • Programme (PDF)