WEBINAR SERIES: Data protection in Journalism: Practical Tools


The European legal framework on personal strong>data protection is constantly evolving and the issue of citizens’ privacyis increasingly central to the public debate. Journalists must move confidently in this area, to ensure that people’s fundamental rights are respected while fulfilling their reporting role.

This series of free webinars targeted to journalists will focus on different aspects of the issue with a pan-European angle, drawing on the research experience of PANELFIT, a Horizon 2020 project focused in this area, in collaboration with the European Data Journalism Network and OBC Transeuropa.

  • 15 JUNE 2021, 4 pm CEST
    Handling personal data in a pandemic (recording)
  • 22 JUNE 2021, 4 pm CEST
    How to fight disinformation, misinformation and malinformation (recording)
  • 6 JULY 2021, 11 am CEST
    Data protection and social media: how to work with social platforms while avoiding lawsuits (recording)
  •  8 JULY 2021, 12.00 pm CEST
    Journalism and the GDPR: practical tools to deal with personal data in the European legal framework (recording)

During this series, the Practical Handbook for Journalists on Data Protection will be presented. The webinar will include an open space for questions, from which we will take inspiration to expand the Handbook.

Iñigo De Miguel Beriain, senior researcher at the University of the Basque Country, will be the main speaker, with Federico Caruso, a collaborator of OBC Transeuropa, as a moderator. Other speakers will join along the way.

The one-hour webinars are free of charge and will take place on Zoom. To take part, register here (registration is valid for all four webinars).

For more information, please write to caruso@balcanicaucaso.org. The events were recorded (links availabe above).