The PANELFIT “20 Stakeholders’ Workshop”

The first steps towards developing the guidelines have already been taken with a first round of expert workshops.  In the first step, important points and issues to be aware of were identified. After these workshops these were analyzed and incorporated into the first draft of the guidelines.

In this second step of the process, the comprehensiveness of the guidelines will be scrutinized to check that they cover the most common and important issues and situations. In addition, the utility of the guidelines will be checked to ensure that the format is approachable and easy to navigate.

In order to achieve these goals, the participants at the workshop will be those who the guidelines are developed for along with the societal actors who have a stake in them, since the best way to ensure that these guidelines meet an actual demand, and have a format that makes them useful in the day-to-day work, is to engage the very people they are intended for.

For this reason, the PANELFIT guidelines are developed through a co-creation approach, where those that the guidelines are intended for, are also invited to take part in developing them, alongside with the societal actors who have a stake in them.

This is an iterative process, where experts, stakeholders and end-users are invited to contribute to the development at various stages.

Practical information

  • The workshop will start 14.00 on 2nd March and finish 14.00 on 4th March, 2020.
  • The workshop will take place in Madrid, at the premises of project partner Everis