13th International Conference CPDP 2020

22-24 January, Brussels.

The 13th edition of the CPDP was held in Brussels from 22 to 24  January 2020. In the framework of this prestigious event PANELFIT  organised the Panel “AI and Informed Consent: the challenges ahead”.

The panel addressed the tensions between the uses that AI might have  and the rights involved:

  • To what extent should AI data processing be limited by citizens’  right to privacy?
  • In what cases might public interest prevail against citizens’ preferences?
  • Is informed consent absolutely necessary if AI needs to process  sensitive data?
  • What are the exceptions to informed consent in the context of AI?.

This event, moderated by Gianclaudio Maglieri (VUB/PANELFIT), was  attended by Albena Kuyumdzhieva, Programme Manager at the Ethics and  Research Integrity Sector, DG Research and Innovation, European  Commission (EU); Matthias Spielkamp, co-founder and executive director  of Algorithm Watch (DE); Amy Grant from UCLan Cyprus (CY); Rob  Shavell, Abine (US) and PANELFIT coordinator Iñigo De Miguel Beriain  UPV/EHU (ES).

You can see this interesting debate here: