PANELFIT Monthly Chat: Artificial Intelligence in the public sector.

On 8 July at 11 am CEST we’ll have the next monthly chat. The guest expert is Adam Patagiotopoulos, data protection advisor and research analyst at Trilateral Research. We’ll talk about AI in the public sector, with a focus on GDPR. As usual, we’ll meet here: Here you can find a tweet about the … Read more

PANELFIT Monthly chats. Ep.6: What happens to data protection at the age of coronavirus. 6 May 2020

Contact tracing apps and GDPR. The relevance of such apps in the more  general context of health data as a tool for epidemiological studies  and strategies. Data protection and health privacy in the context of  employment. We addressed these and other issues with Sara Judite  Mendes Roda, senior policy advisor in the digital health life … Read more

PANELFIT Monthly chats Ep.5 Google cloud services and cybersecurity. 1 April 2020

Liesbeth Hermans, Chief Marketing Officer at talked about  cybersecurity issues involved in the implementation of Google Cloud  services in Europe. Fourcast specialises in implementing Google Cloud  technologies at companies, and their point of view is very interesting  on the side of cybersecurity measures against data breaches and other  cybersecurity threats. Audio podcast: ?

Monthly chats

Vulnerable Data Subjects and EU law. Who are vulnerable data  subjects, and what are they risking when they take decisions on their  personal data? What harms could they suffer when those data are  processed and actions are taken on their behalf? We addressed these  and other issues with Gianclaudio Malgieri, Attorney at Law and a … Read more

PANELFIT Monthly Chats

September 25, 11am CEST. The first monthly chat of PANELFIT will take place on September 25 at 11am CEST. Professor Iñigo the Miguel, Deputy Coordinator of the project, will be interviewed during 20 minutes, and devote 5-10 minutes to answer questions from the audience. Join the chat by clicking here: