Citizens’ Information Pack – survey for citizens

Technological developments and new information communication technologies (ICTs) are having a number of impacts on our human rights. In response to this, the EU is developing new regulations to protect its citizens’ rights. Citizens need to adapt to both the new technologies in their lives – and the regulations that govern them.

Issues raised by new technologies might include:

  • data commercialisation: how companies use their customers’ data (e.g. shopping habits) to generate new insights and/or income (e.g. by selling on processed data)
  • informed consent: the process of getting a person’s permission before using or disclosing their personal data/information
  • data security: the steps a company or researcher takes to ensure your personal data is stored securely and not misused.

Panelfit – Participatory Approaches to a New Ethical and Legal Framework for ICT – is a European Commission research project that aims to help citizens adapt. One of the outputs of this project will be a citizens’ information pack to provide the help people adapt.

This short survey aims to establish which information citizens want to know about, and how they want to be provided with this information.