1. The creation of a compendium of the regulatory framework on data protection, informed consent, data commercialization and security/cybersecurity issues: Guidelines on the Ethical and Legal Issues of ICT Research and Innovation, to facilitate the accomplishment of legal obligations by end-users in general and especially SMEs.
  2. The elaboration of a critical analysis of the EU regulatory framework on ICT research and innovation pursuing two main targets: to uncover the ethical issues that have not been addressed adequately by the regulation and the legal issues and main gaps that might exist within the EU regulation, at the national level or in the relation between those levels.
  3. The elaboration of a detailed report on the governance of the whole system according to the experience gained by the stakeholders and policy makers involved.
  4. The creation of an interactive tool, the Platform for Mutual Learning, intended to serve as a reference forum for academics, stakeholders and policy makers interested in the ethical and legal issues related to data protection and use in the ICT research and innovation field.
  5. The adoption of a rough number of initiatives devoted to improving the knowledge of the new regulatory framework and the ethical and legal issues involved in selected communities –researchers and journalists – and among citizens in general. We will elaborate handbooks, codes of conduct and information packs as well as promoting a huge number of engagement and dissemination initiatives, such as monthly chats, MOOC courses, face-to-face courses,