Online ads know you well

The online advertising system is based on the collection and sharing of user data, in an opaquely competitive market which rests mostly in a few powerful hands, including Google. Privacy and data protection are at issue, and Europe is debating what action should be taken. Federico Caruso – PANELFIT/OBCT-just published an article on targeted advertising in … Read more

How to avoid a second lockdown?

How to avoid a second lockdown? English version of the news published in “El País” ( by PANELFIT Coordinator Iñigo de Miguel Beriain. How to avoid a second lockdown (PDF) Also available in German: Wie ein zweiter Lockdown vermieden werden kann (PDF) Available in Portuguese: Como evitar novos confinamentos?

Not just apps: privacy, personal data and COVID-19 in the western Balkans

The measures adopted by some Balkan countries to contain the pandemic  have raised perplexity in associations and researchers who deal with  privacy and digital rights. Emergency actions, derogating from the  national rules of law, could translate into mass surveillance tools. Federico Caruso, member of the PANELFIT team, has made a very  interesting publication, drawing attention to these … Read more

How far has your company come with GDPR?

You can discover with an attractive Quiz Show format the relationship of the companies with the GDPR since its mandatory implementation, now almost two years ago. In this article by Patricia Jimenez from everis, Panelfit projectis referenced as an initiative that will promote measures for digital privacy also in the European regulatory framework. Take a look at “How far … Read more